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Posts Tagged ‘Your passport to the open road on two wheels’

American Biker Minute – April 5, 2015: Cool(er) Oil for Hot Bikes!

Those “tube” frame rail mounted coolers don’t work worth a damm with 2 degrees of cooling.

20150330_151225Much better is this Jagg oil cooler, mounted up nicely to my ’06 FXSTI. 

You get what you pay for.

American Biker Minute – April 4, 2015: Supreme Court to Hear Tx License Plate Case.

“Avert” the eyes, or yet another senseless law?

15db 320Free speech, or watch what you say, what you do, who you hang out with..

American Biker Minute – April 3, 2015: Draft Sturgis Survival Road Map Now.

Headed for the 75th?  Due to cheap petrol, much has changed since last year.

Image result for traffic clogged interstate highway image

The biker’s nemesis.   A little planning goes a long way toward safety.

American Biker Minute – April 2, 2015: Peppered by Rubber at 120mph.

This happened to ABM some time ago, and nah, not good.  Beware big trucks.

15db 052Get down, kiss the tank, then drop by and say hi to Tina.

American Biker Minute – April 1, 2015: A Biker… or NOT?

Getting to the point where one in ten at the mc rally are clueless non bikers.

15db 919These two are real bikers.  How to tell if they’re not.. The subject of today’s show.