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Posts Tagged ‘Yamaha’

American Biker Minute – January 11, 2018: “Restore” badly faded Headlight/Tail Light Lenses!

Finally.. somethin’ which works?

They say, “works in minutes”. 

We say, yeah, sixty of ’em. 

Still, it works, and that’s

better than any we’ve tried so far.

American Biker Minute – January 10, 2018: Biker Chicks Love “Independence”.

Two ladies, one riding two up,

the other an independent.

You make the call. 

Which woman looks to be “happier”?

American Biker Minute — January 9, 2018: What to do when the bike needs a “Jump.”

It’s that time of year.

Dead Battery?  Fat chance she

will push the scoot for ya.. 

What to do?  Today’s show!

American Biker Minute – January 8, 2018: Indian (not the motorcycle) World Record!

Indian Army Creates World Record With 58 Men On Single Motorcycle

Buried deep in the humanity, there lurks

a tiny Royal Enfield Motorcycle. 

Bet your boots the rear donut isn’t stock!

American Biker Minute – January 7, 2018: Hungry? Ride out to “Hot Dog Johnny’s”!

Bikers are known for 

hearty appetites, especially

4 cheap grub.

Hot Dog Johnny's Yellow Toddler T-shirt

Johnny promises a deep fried experience.

Note for my biker friends headed to

Daytona Bike Week:

Dairy Queen/New Smyrna Beach

$1.00 hot dogs.

Load ’em up with kraut, garnishes, the works,

still only a buck.

for us bikers, cheap is good!