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Posts Tagged ‘Yamaha’

American Biker Minute – January 22, 2018: Tank-Slapping Flat Spots!


Going straight to 98 with a flat spot?

Better hope it’s the rear dog-nut.

Flat spot on the front tire may leave you

with a load of crap in your leathers.

Warm ’em up.  You never know.

American Biker Minute – January 21, 2018: For Sale: Flood Damaged Bikes!

Yikes!Even if you live out here..

Flood damaged motorcycles and cages

are for sale in your area!  Be smart,

be proactive.  Heed today’s warning.

American Biker Minute – January 20, 2018: “Shaming”.. Haven’t we had enough?

Few sights are more American than an open road biker. 

For all of the shit we take from some know-it-alls,

you’d think we are ISIS.

American Biker Minute – January 19, 2018: New Bike? New Engine?

Buy now or wait for warmth?

Biker dude’s new toy.

Cold Wx Break-In.

Write the damm check now,

get a great deal, too.

American Biker Minute – January 18, 2018: Any excuse to.. RIDE!

For the biker dude,

even a top off tank ride!

“Nitro”.  Really? 

Contain Ethanol?  For another

quarter, we prefer “real” gas.