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Posts Tagged ‘Yamaha’

American Biker Minute – October 22, 2017: When he’s home, the gang heads for “HOT DOG JOHNNY’s”

Bikers find out of the way eateries

serving great, (and different) food!

So hungry you could.. eat a..


Dude might/could use some help

writing copy..?

Today’s guest likes HD JOHNNY’s!

American Biker Minute – October 21, 2017: Under Armor

On the way down. 

Once in Daytona,

peel off the wrap,

soak up some sun.


been there!


American Biker Minute – October 20, 2017: Biketoberfest’s Punta Gorda Pop.

Fun in the Fall, Y’All!

“Down on the Boardwalk..”

Biketoberfest Events

Oct 20 (Today)

Boardwalk Bike Show (above).

Antique MC Show, Rossmeyer World, noon-4. 

Ride in Bike show, Cabbage Patch Bar, Samsula.

Want More


“Baddest Bagger Show”  

Friday 10-20 (today)  10am-4:30pm

Daytona Speedway 

“Rat’s Hole Ride In Bike Show”


Indian Dealership, Beach Street Daytona.

“Old Speed Show” 

Saturday, 11am-4pm 

New Smyrna Speedway


Where Rubber Meats the Road!


American Biker Minute – October 19, 2017: Biketoberfest Bike Wash! (she cooks, he cleans).

Today is Tropical Tattoo Thursday!

Ride ’em in, line ’em up.

Thursday, underway at ten,

cranks up noon – four.

Highly worth your while.

American Biker Minute – October 18, 2017: Biketoberfest “Keys” Visit on the Dockett? Beware!

The pounding which both

North and Central Fla endured,

nothing when compared

to the 120 mile island chain known as

the Keys.

Coastline north of Daytona.

Used to be 25 feet of sand

where these people are seated.

Yes, Keys businesses badly in need of cash,

but that’s not enough to put up with

roofing nails and the stench of rotting

stuff in the mangrove islands.