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Posts Tagged ‘Yamaha’

American Biker Minute – November 4, 2017: PLEASE! Wax the bike.

Shovels.  Pans.  Evo’s, TC’s..

They all need Wax! 

FYI, long time friend never waxed

his ’02 Deuce.  The chrome has

since lifted off the primary in patches. 

It looks like hell.  Don’t wax every bike,

just the ones you want to keep.

American Biker Minute – November 3, 2017: Harley-Davidson Rumors!

Time to forget about the one where

Harley switches from 2 cams to 3?

Or that Harley-Davidson

will buy Victory from Polaris? 

Expired shelf date on that one.

American Biker Minute – November 2, 2017: Sunday Run for Buffalo Fritters! ..what?

They’d better have hot grease

and a pile of Buffalo Fritters ready to go

or he’s headed back to Saint Charles!

American Biker Minute – October 31, 2017: Massive Sugar Infusion Day Has Arrived!

Nice sunny Central NY State Morning.

Biker headed into town to buy tasty

Polish Wedding Kielbasa when..

Wow!  Rare in the sense that these giant

Pumpkins were so close to the black top

that a miscreant might attempt a ‘Kin ‘Nap! 

Farmer John hurried over to be sure that

a 2 wheeled theft wouldn’t occur.

Gave him 2 thumbs up!  The biker is a

sucker for fields of


American Biker Minute – October 30, 2017: Every Last Drop!

4 gallons or 5?

For when you’re a long

way from the Jerky Hut!