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Posts Tagged ‘riders’

American Biker Minute – September 21, 2017: Bikers Crash Hans & Franz Yellowstone NP Camp Site!

Image result for yellowstone park traffic jam image

On a good day,


with cages.

Traffic Jam in

the middle of nowhere?


American Biker Minute – September 20, 2017: “Hey, love your bike..May I ‘BORROW’ it?” WHAT?

Perhaps a moment to consider..

lawyer fees, insurance jack-up,

cops knocking at your door..

you get the idea, and

it’s all bad news.

Lose a “friend”,

save a small fortune!

American Biker Minute – September 19, 2017: Starter Bike Looks Just a Bonus.

Most of us wouldn’t think of

buying this bike as a first ride.

Don’t sweat the looks of the

first “sickle”, it may not be your last.

In the end, good looks are only a bonus.

American Biker Minute – September 18, 2017: Emergency Lane is not for Passing.

Why would anyone use

the dedicated E-Lane

for passing? 

Nails, shards, 2×4’s,

and an irritated cop.


Refer to the above.

American Biker Minute – September 17, 2017: Sturgis is Ground Zero for Patriots!

Bikers are Patriots.

One could get a serious

ass-kicking as the result

of burning a flag here.