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Posts Tagged ‘Kawasaki’

American Biker Minute – September 21, 2017: Bikers Crash Hans & Franz Yellowstone NP Camp Site!

Image result for yellowstone park traffic jam image

On a good day,


with cages.

Traffic Jam in

the middle of nowhere?


American Biker Minute – September 19, 2017: Starter Bike Looks Just a Bonus.

Most of us wouldn’t think of

buying this bike as a first ride.

Don’t sweat the looks of the

first “sickle”, it may not be your last.

In the end, good looks are only a bonus.

American Biker Minute – September 18, 2017: Emergency Lane is not for Passing.

Why would anyone use

the dedicated E-Lane

for passing? 

Nails, shards, 2×4’s,

and an irritated cop.


Refer to the above.

American Biker Minute – September 16, 2017: A little respect goes a long way..

Without respect, the fabric of

American society unravels to thread.

It costs nothing to be nice,

to respect others,

to share the open road.

Doing the opposite

can have a debilitating effect

on one’s health.

American Biker Minute – September 15, 2017: Weed Cutting into Alcohol Sales.

Not into beer?


you have friends.