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Posts Tagged ‘ducatti’

American Biker Minute – June 12, 2017: YIKES! Mother Harley recalls 57,000 bikes.

Wow.  57,000 is a biggie.

Good time to own #19?


2017 Touring owners,

reach out to your local

Hog Pen ASAP.

American Biker Minute – June 11, 2017: New Jersey biker likes the back roads.

Actually, Jersey has

really nice back roads.

Related image

Western NJ is

totally unlike the

east coast. 

Ride it!

American Biker Minute – June 8, 2017: Beware the Maggie Valley Mud Pit!

The music is superb.

The setting is tops.

But if it has been raining,

Image result for maggie valley stage images

 park the bike
near pavement!

American Biker Minute – June 6, 2017: Make concealed carry law the same for each state.

The beauty of life in America,

protected in part,

by those with a concealed carry permit.

Silent weapon carry

sets America apart from countries

where private firearm ownership is illegal.

Carry law should be identical in each state.

Protect concealed carry as if your life depended on it.

American Biker Minute – May 31, 2017: Attn Haters – Bikers Are Not Trash!

Anyone who says so

is a “friggin’ moron”.

We’ve raised untold hundreds of

millions for charity.

Bikers have been a part of

Americana for

well over 100 years. 

People from all over the

world love

big bad bikes,and

the American Biker Lifestyle.