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Posts Tagged ‘2013’

American Biker Minute October 16, 2014: Biketoberfest Fun! Harley-Davidson vs Honda MC.

Ah, the old HOG vs HONDA saw, all in good fun.

2012-Daytona To Xmas- New Nikon 409Rockets, cruisers, tourers, baggers, trail bikes, it’s not what you ride on these sand-lined streets, it’s..


American Biker Minute October 11, 2014: Lady Biker Rides Solo For the First Time.

Trading the grab bar for handlebar is an empowering experience.

14a cam 231And it doesn’t matter WHAT you ride, only THAT you ride.

American Biker Minute 09-10-14: Two Hundred + Group Ride!

What could possibly ruin a large group ride?

2013 - Leesburg -1- 117Today’s show hint:  Your insurance may not cover it.

American Biker Minute 09-02-14: Fresh HOGs in New Movie.

Take in a movie, and a couple platters of pork?

Image result for harley livewire image

So what if the e-bike only goes 50 miles?  Plenty of time for the good Captain to escape bad dudes.

American Biker Minute 07-07-14: What a Dirty Bike Says About the Owner.


Yes, some of us wait longer than others to drag out the bucket and brush..2013 - DBW 229Some rides gather so much road grime, even Superman couldn’t detail ’em.