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Category: Podcast

American Biker Minute – July 18, 2017: Sloth is terminal.

Victim of the

“sitting disease”?

May we suggest a cure?

American Biker Minute – July 17, 2017: Canadian Motorcycle Insurance Ripoff.

Fifty bucks per week?

Fifty-two weeks per year?


And they ask why we love

old skool bikes..

beauty is only the

beginning of a lifetime of


American Biker Minute – July 17, 2017: Tammy’s top fell off!

Hey, it happens.

American Biker Minute – July 15, 2017: Take the Auto Train!

Avoid snow, give the learner a break.

The “Auto” Train ships bikes too!

Image result for amtrak auto train for motorcycle image

PS:  The best fried chicken dinner

the biker ever ate was on an

Amtrack Train headed for

Hot ‘Lanta.

American Biker Minute – July 14, 2017: Kansas Shaun sez Beware Highway Tar Snakes.

Summertime crack cover up

work by the DOT may leave

unwary bikers by the

side of the road!

Clean, new pavement,

no worry, mon.

It’s the older side roads

that’ll get cha!