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Category: Podcast

American Biker Minute – May 20, 2017: Case of the Hard-Starting Ohio Panhead Harley.

Hard to start, yes.

Sweetest sound of them all?

We think so.

But dude, Panhead Harleys

are not for bikers with

weak knees!


American Biker Minute – May 19, 2017: World’s First Battery Powered PWC?

Yes, PWC

as in Personal Water Craft.

This baby contains the battery

pak from Zero Motorcycle, Inc.

While electrocution from DC

(battery) current doesn’t have

“water” issues, waiting for

the recharge is an ongoing

concern, especially on

a hot summer day.

American Biker Minute – May 18, 2017: Santa Cruz Randy Has FIVE FEET of Hair!

With a mane like that,

you got to wonder..

Does it ever get caught

up in the wheels?

American Biker Minute – May 17, 2017: The do it yourself Motorcycle Dolly.

You could pay

hundreds, or

save the money

and build your own.

Pittsburgh® Motorcycle 95896 Low Profile Motorcycle Dolly

This one’s available at Harbor Freight

for under 90 bucks,

or be creative and build your own.

(Be sure to strap it down, though).

American Biker Minute – May 16, 2017: Rolling Thunder 30.

Vets, non vets,

vet family,

supporters riding for

those who can’t.

Details in today’s show.