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Category: Podcast

American Biker Minute – September 18, 2017: Emergency Lane is not for Passing.

Why would anyone use

the dedicated E-Lane

for passing? 

Nails, shards, 2×4’s,

and an irritated cop.


Refer to the above.

American Biker Minute – September 17, 2017: Sturgis is Ground Zero for Patriots!

Bikers are Patriots.

One could get a serious

ass-kicking as the result

of burning a flag here.

American Biker Minute – September 16, 2017: A little respect goes a long way..

Without respect, the fabric of

American society unravels to thread.

It costs nothing to be nice,

to respect others,

to share the open road.

Doing the opposite

can have a debilitating effect

on one’s health.

American Biker Minute – September 15, 2017: Weed Cutting into Alcohol Sales.

Not into beer?


you have friends.

American Biker Minute – September 14, 2017: Canada Doug Rides Yellowstone, eh!

File:Yellowstone National Park 001.jpg

Of all the sights within YNP,

the scalding hot bubble pots

were most impressive for us,

that is, if we didn’t include

the night the pack of at

least a dozen wolves

cut a path through

our camp site!