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Category: Podcast

American Biker Minute – May 25, 2017: Biker Wendy’s North Dakota Badlands.

Not to be confused with

South Dakota’s Badlands!

South Dakota BL,

Near Sturgis.

It was so cold that

year, we had snowflakes

fallin’ in our coffee!

American Biker Minute – May 24. 2017: Not all Stop Lights suck.

Stop Lights act to

position cages into packs.

Allowing the traffic positioning

biker to (safely) hot dog

it to a cushioned area.

American Biker Minute – May 22, 2017: Flagged Bikes Lead at Rolling Thunder XXX.

One doesn’t have to be a veteran to be a patriot.

Honor those who served but

no longer can be heard.

They wrote the check

we cashed for our freedom.

May they rest in peace.

American Biker Minute – May 23, 2017: Polaris Slingshot. It’s NOT A BIKE.

They can get close,

but too wide to ride into


The lead shot had enough sense to

hope the corner curb.

Second one’s operator was more

concerned over wheel alignment

than tipping over two parked bikes.


Want to party with us?


American Biker Minute – May 21, 2017: When to Ride, when to El Paso.

Yes, there may be a few days

in each year when a biker

shouldn’t be out on

the open road.

Even if you’re itchin’

to try out the Indian.