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Category: Podcast

American Biker Minute – July 23, 2017: Maggie Mud.

When hard rain hits

clay, not much the biker

can do.

Think ahead or

you may as well

bike on the bayou.

American Biker Minute – July 22, 2017: VP Madditive, the real deal.

At the end of a 2 month

test run, the bikes tell

us they’re “in love”.

Get ya some 89 octane


Mix in the VP to reach

desired octane level.

Then ROCK.

VP Racing Fuels 2855 Madditive Octanium Octane Booster 32 oz

Thanks to OPEC’s

choke, I’m finding

case prices low as

21$ a 32oz can.

Treats 20 gallons of

89 regular NON E.

American Biker Minute – July 21, 2017: Wax Rules.

We still notice people

waxing in full sunlight.


Follow today’s show advice,

for a streak-free finish!

American Biker Minute – July 20, 2017: Dirty Val? Say it ain’t so!

Noel Monk,

long time manager for

Van Halen speaks.

Image result for running with the devil noel monk image


Keep it real or

expect some one to

pull off the covers.

American Biker Minute – July 19, 2017: Iron Order MC Under Pressure.

According to published reports.

Some say they don’t have

to worry about the cops

because they are cops.

We report,

You decide.