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Category: Podcast

American Biker Minute – November 16, 2017: Adversity is.. well, Memorable?

From an ABM fan near here:

Shiprock, NM.

Damm near looks as if the biker is

standing in front of a billboard. 

Take it from me, it’s the real deal.

American Biker Minute – November 15, 2017: Polaris reports Slingshot sales dive!

Excuse my French..

Seen below, “Slingshot” plugging up the biker rally.

They create problems, knock over bikes,

(like the ying yang driving this one)

and are generally, a pain in the ass.

Is this you?

Next year, stay at home.

Because you CAN make this,

doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

American Biker Minute – November 14, 2017: Sturgis Black Hills Rally, 4 Week Minimum?


After 14 trips to the Black Hills..

the biker dude can say for sure..

you need 2 weeks minimum.

If you’re this couple,

and you’re riding out,

make it three or four!.

Of course this depends on where you’re riding FROM.

American Biker Minute – November 13, 2017: RIP Tom Petty.

RIP one of the

All Time Greats.

American Biker Minute – November 11, 2017: Veterans Day!

Veterans Stand for Old Glory

(and the land she represents).

Still flying right after Irma.


Veterans (like me) view people who degrade our

anthem or flag in order to make a political statement as having

this right according to the 1st amendment, even if the behavior

is reprehensible.  If people don’t stand for our Flag

and the National Anthem, we have to ask,

“what DO they stand for?”