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Category: Podcast

American Biker Minute – November 21, 2017: Motorcycle or Cable?

Worthless channels or MC?




240mm Rear Tire

Somthin’ to consider each

time you access 200 cable

channels and still can’t find

anything worth watching.

American Biker Minute – November 20, 2017: Biker Bags Free Road Trip Coconuts!

Because, Free is Good!

Prime roadside fruit.

Out of these three, can you pick the loser?

It’s the one closest. 

Dryer than a ten year old tire!

Not in every case, 

but most of the time,

a prime c’nut will look like this.

Happy Hunting!

American Biker Minute – November 19, 2017: Motorcycle Pipe Burns Hurt Like Hell!


Trifecta, Holy Grail of potential emergency room mistakes!

(1)  No Leg Cover

(2)  Lord Boards

Biketoberfest, 2017.

American Biker Minute – November 18, 2017: Avoid Gas Tank Gum and Rust. Winterize!

Putting the old girl up soon?

Winterize the Gas Tank!

Ethanol Users Beware.

Sta-bil won’t solve all 

E10 woes, but at least 

the tank won’t collect as 

much rust.

American Biker Minute – November 17, 2018: Husband is a Bike Hater!

She had to ditch her beloved Kawi!

Her half needs a

“I hate motorcycles Tee”.