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Category: Podcast

American Biker Minute – Sepbember 28, 2017: Maine Biker Loves Him Some Tasty LOBSTER!


Are we in


or Maine?

American Biker Minute – September 29, 2017: Bikers increasingly subject to ID theft.

Yeah, she has some dings n dents,

but no internet connection.

American Biker Minute – September 27, 2017: How to measure motorcycle rake and trail(or, How I prevented a TANK-SLAPPER).

Long Lazy front end.

Loved by enthusiasts,

Hated by the “stock rocks”

crowd.  Owner says,

“what’s a TANK SLAPPER?”

Lowdown on TS problems,

today’s Biker Minute!


American Biker Minute – September 26, 2017: 190mph Speed Limit. Bullets on Wheels!

Image result for german autobahn image

Makes ya wonder, why would

anyone own a 280mph heap

for driving in the USA?

American Biker Minute – September 25, 2017: Want Every Bike I’ve Ever Owned..BACK!

Confessions of a

Crotch Rocket Owner!

I want it back!