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Category: Podcast

American Biker Minute – June 10, 2017: Dude lives in China. Won’t ride HIS bike over there.


They’re crazier than

our open road nuts.

..they’re..soy sauce nuts!

American Biker Minute – June 9, 2017: Distracted Driving versus Road Rage!

Which gets the driver

into more trouble?

The boots say it all.

Motor Cops write tickets.

Road Rage=Incarceration.

American Biker Minute – June 8, 2017: Beware the Maggie Valley Mud Pit!

The music is superb.

The setting is tops.

But if it has been raining,

Image result for maggie valley stage images

 park the bike
near pavement!

American Biker Minute – June 7, 2017: Major Transport Company Willing to Pay Top Trucker Dollar!

Lots of trucker drivers are bikers.

Down on your trucker luck?

Better days may be ahead.

What opportunity is down

the road is up to you.

CDL?  Check it out.

American Biker Minute – June 6, 2017: Make concealed carry law the same for each state.

The beauty of life in America,

protected in part,

by those with a concealed carry permit.

Silent weapon carry

sets America apart from countries

where private firearm ownership is illegal.

Carry law should be identical in each state.

Protect concealed carry as if your life depended on it.