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Category: Podcast

American Biker Minute 05-08-13: Shot Voltage Regulator-Rectifier

This voltage Regulator/Rectifier looks ok..

003Until you turn it over..

001Some of that blacktop is likely from Mexico, it’s been on the bike since 2004!

006Measure running voltage at the battery posts to see if yours is up to spec.

American Biker Minute 05-07-13: Front Tire Belt Separation

Inside of ABM’s front ’06 FXSTI tire as seen against the cement floor.  2 yrs old.

CAM00105[1]Scary or what?  Please don’t even try to tell me it’s been smacked up against a curb.

CAM00106[1]As customer for almost 9 years, having spent thousands to retread the bikes, we’re ripe for an “upgrade” from Metzler rubber.  Pull up the ABM mp3 for details.

American Biker Minute 05-06-2013: Two Die At Leesburg Bike Fest

Whenever huge groups of humanity converge, there will be accidents.

2013 - Leesburg BF -2- 368 Doesn’t make it any easier to comprehend why two bikers lost their lives at Leesburg Bike Fest.

American Biker Minute 05-05-13: Bikers Love Cinco de Mayo

Happy Fifth of May!

Nikon-1-whole card 658You don’t have to live near the “border” to have a great time today!

American Biker Minute 05-04-13: HD 110th Rock Show

Harley Davidson’s 110th is swapin’ out Elton John in favor of Kid Rock.

2012-Daytona To Xmas- New Nikon 256We wouldn’t expect to see this sort of signage..