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Category: Podcast

American Biker Minute 08-25-13: Lab offers resonably priced oil analysis

For a fee, many labs will analyze your discarded, used motor oil, possibly saving you from having to do this:

2012-Daytona To Xmas- New Nikon 456Or, for mouse bucks, perform your own, by looking for the telltale aluminum “sheen”.  Listen in..

American Biker Minute 08-24-13: First Time Passenger Rules of the Road

For the sake of your bike, and insurance bill, explain to first time passengers..

June-11 216the rules of the road, otherwise you may have to read ’em the riot act.  Inexperienced riding two up, a lot can go wrong.

American Biker Minute 08-23-13: Stiffer Valve Springs Make More Power

Rebuild with extra displacement in your baby’s future?  Avoid unwanted noise, weak performance.

004We had to go back in and replace the weaker manufacturers valve springs with more beef.  Today’s show explains why.

American Biker Minute 08-22-13: Kawasaki KLR 650 Tackles The Rockies!

Today’s guest left his burly BMW graged, in favor of his new Kawi KLR 650.

2012-Daytona To Xmas- New Nikon 004…to take a trip over the continental divide..yeah, I know.

American Biker Minute 08-21-13: Hotels Pile On

$200 a night.  Anyone notice hotels are charging like it’s still 2005?

Nikon-1-whole card 937

Not sayin’ these, but most bikers will sleep on the ground before laying out the price of a rear tire for a one night’s stay with coffee and a microwave.  Let’s get real.