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Category: Podcast

American Biker Minute 07-06-13: All Green “Custom” Wiring Harness?

Hmmm.. all the wires in this harness are green?  Army surplus?  Dude..

hog 053Cool though, learned a few new words from listening to the wrench while he attempted to figure out which wires went to where!

American Biker Minute 07-05-13: Wash In SPF 30 for Jeans, Shirts.

Takes but one biker family skin cancer scare to get you to use this stuff.  the application couldn’t be easier.

2013 stop 002Would you spend ten bucks to possibly save a life?  Listen in and find out how.

American Biker Minute 07-04-13: America’s 237th Birthday!

Motorcycles, burgers, ‘dogs, ribs, texas toast,  potato salad ‘n’ cole slaw..hmm forget anything?

591978880 - Jeff Flag Shirt SturgisJust doin’ my part to celebrate America’s birthday!

American Biker Minute 07-03-13: Saddlebag Packing Refreshment Course

Packing biker bags for a road trip is made easier with today’s show tips.

2012-Daytona To Xmas- New Nikon 315Take everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

American Biker Minute 07-02-13: Surreal Chinese Biker Rally

Friend or foe?  One thing for sure, they can’t get enough of what we do on two wheels.

2013 - DBW 101They’d give a year’s pay to spend a week in America doing what we take for granted.