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Category: Podcast

American Biker Minute – October 14, 2017: Sturgis MC Rally..Shouldya..Ride or Fly an’ Rent?

Full Disclosure: 

We have never

rented, or borrowed a bike,

preferring to run   

our own stuff.

For some, renting is the only option.

American Biker Minute – October 13, 2017: He dumped the little Honda 100 times!

Perhaps it only seemed like 100. 

Really?  Sure. 

Back in the day, bikes cost

waaaaaay less than now.

Drop this, no biggie. 

Drop a 900 lb bike,

you got problems.

American Biker Minute – October 12, 2017: Rock Bottom Cheap Lobsters for Sale!

The biker will not pay

$20.00 for a boiled lobster

when he can take a nice

40 mile ride into the country

and get ’em for 5 bucks. 

Unfortunately, the gas was as bad

as our lobster was good.  

Gross-ery store tank? 

Absolutely not!

American Biker Minute – October 11, 2017: RIP Dyna!

Unlike the V-Rod,

Dyna was fortunate

to have at least, survived, and

hey, with each purchase,

you get one of these!

Smoother running


American Biker Minute – October 10, 20-17: Money.

It can buy most anything,

but not everything.

Remember $7 drafts?