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Biketoberfest 2012 more like Spring Bike Week

Blowout crowd for Biketoberfest’s Friday. Spring bike week brings three times more bikers than it’s little fall brother. Yesterday afternoon, the roads around Daytona were filled with motorcycles, more like March than October. Who or what is responsible for the best Biketoberfest in years? ABM’s intrepid reporter, “Sandy” feeds back on interviewing far more northern state bikers for what is usually a southern state rally, could it be the cold up north weather? Maybe our homes stopped losing value. Perhaps it was the arrival of presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who spoke from the bandshell on Daytona Beach, at 8pm, to a crowd of thousands, who waited in line to be screened by secret service agents. I’ll tell you right now, he looked appreciative, happy to be there. VP Joe Biden will be in nearby Saint Augustine for a democratic rally today. 

The Buffalo Chip Campground at Sturgis hosted then candidate John McCain, and we reported how secret service agents stood out like a wart on a super model. Daytona was no exception. On the ride into town from camp, for instance, here’s a dude riding a brand new V-Rod, wearing brand new black leather fringed chaps, new black leather vest, with no shirt. He just looked out of place, just like the SS at Sturgis. Non bikers would give these guys a pass, but the bikers can spot a poser in a New York minute.

This year, the no-tell, plenty of smell hotels have room, while the Hilton is packed. As we all know, SS agents don’t book one stars, so the beach bed guys had a spring bike week. Today and tomorrow, the working people of Florida will pour in, can’t wait to see today’s action, it will be big, big time.